10-The Last Supper,oil, 24x48 200412-Super Supper triptych, 4'x10', 2012On The Can  copyBlast webbrave copy copyChange webAli_vs_Sam_Acrylic_2014Super_Mandela_Acrylic_2013

krypto in captivityThe Choir Boys, Acrylic, 20x20, 2012Water sports copySuperhero Holocaust,oil,30x30, 2012

20-The Dark Knight Comes Again 2012Batgirl In Bondage 20118-Secret Storm 201215-Pieta 2013Supersex 2011Everything's Archie, Beeyotch! 2011 Hulk Scream, Acrylic on canvas,12x14 2013 copy kissing thingLo Mein Low Down 2012

Wonder_Woman_MonaLisa_Acrylic_2013Wonder_Mama_Acrylic_2014next bigGetInlineCircling cover low resjamieandsteve2


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