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The New Math, Acrylic, 7x5 feet, 2015

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30- Almost Justice-Revelations 12.7, acrylic on unstretched canvas, 120" x 84", 2019

Life After Tonto, oil on canvas, 20x20 inches, 2017Capt. AmerMcCain, oil on canvas, 24x36 inches, 2017Black Buck Rogers in the @!st Century, oil on canvas board, 12x15 inches, 2017Sammy Blue Black Hawk, oil on canvas board, 11x14 inches, 2017She Hulk and Plastic ManWW 666, acrylic and oil on canvas, 24x36 inches, 2017Phantom Kiss, oil on canvas, 24x36 inches, 201710-The Last Supper,oil, 24x48 200412-Super Supper triptych, 4'x10', 2012On The Can copybrave copy copyAli_vs_Sam_Acrylic_2014Super_Mandela_Acrylic_2013

krypto in captivityThe Choir Boys, Acrylic, 20x20, 2012Superhero Holocaust,oil,30x30, 2012

15-Pieta 2013 Hulk Scream, Acrylic on canvas,12x14 2013 copy kissing thingLo Mein Low Down 2012CD cover artwork produced for Jamie & Steve of The Spongetones

next bigGetInlineCircling cover low resjamieandsteve2


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