The film is 58 min 45 sec.

A schizophrenic musician spirals into his own alternate sense of reality and beyond by the Presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. His delusion of exorcising the world from impending doom through the power of song is aided by a troubled young woman “hypnotized” into  compliance.

A surreal collision between silent film and music video, is this a mockumentary or the beginning of the end of the world?

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Premiering November 3rd, 2019 to the REEL Recovery Film Festival at Village East Cinema  SALUTE to NEW YORK FILMMAKERS

Admission $10

click image below to enjoy a mini doc/conversation where Issa explains a musical voodoo interlude in addition to his relationship to music

ol man jazz

after all that voodoo it may be time for


a musical documentary

“Patient’s Rites is my perspective from 20 years of being hospitalized. Think of it as a therapy session set to music.”
The film is 47min 37sec.

Now watch ‘Know Your Rites’ an in depth conversation with Issa outlining the songs and structure of his film, detailing the social and systemic dysfunction that inspired him to make it

If you’ve ever wondered about that fragile thread of sanity that we’ve all held onto, that some have lost grasp of, then POP MUSIC VOODOO and PATIENT’S RITES are for you. They just may re-kindle your will to live.

ISSA ON NY1 talking about his life’s journey and promoting the film PATIENT’S RITES


Winner Documentary Short Award of Merit 2014 IndieFEST FILM AWARDS

The reviews are in

“…poignancy nestled inside of brightness and lightness around a topic that is potentially daunting…embodies self-compassion, self-forgiveness, and transcendence so beautifully, masterfully, yet humbly…will create space for others to do the same for themselves.” -Tina Caterino

          “…controversial…hysterically funny…This is a must see film.” -Carla Rabinowitz, Community Access

“I dig it, man. You’ve got this awesome pastiche of Elvis Costello, The Ramones, and Lou Reed going on, but it’s nothing like them and completely unique. Keep it up.” -Some Anonymous Internet Dude

“It’s genius level.” -Dr. Kathryn Ko, Neurosurgeon

“I really really really salute you. It takes such guts, make that BALLS to put yourself out there like this. It’s 100&10% AWESOME.” -Mike Lesser, Parole Officer

Mental Health FF NYC 2015 Patient's Rites


 Issa talking ‘PATIENT’S RITES’ with actor John Turturro for the filmmakers Q&A at the 11th Annual COMMUNITY ACCESS/NYAPRS NEW YORK CITY MENTAL HEALTH FILM FESTIVAL at Village East Cinema NYC

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Soundtrack to the film Patient’s Rites, Pop Music Voodoo and other original songs by Issa available in music