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Here it is folks, the entire catalog. Hang out. If you find something you can’t live without spend some money…but have a good time.

Video from the EP Pop Music Voodoo volume one

A holiday balm that never gets stale

Here are “BUT BUT” and “HEAD CASE” from Issa’s musical documentary PATIENT’S RITES

“Skinny Indian” excerpted from the film POP MUSIC VOODOO

This is Issa’s band DSM5 in a video directed by acclaimed filmmaker Michael Gitlin


 Confessions of a Zombie Savant LIVE!IMG_3744

Issa talks about his relationship to music

¬†As a special treat here’s a video directed by Mr. Gitlin of a song by occasional collaborator Stephen Spagnoli and his Sugarbombs. Try to spot the artist…(hint: he’s the one doing the Ringo impression)

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