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NEW RELEASE! The Holy Buddy Collection

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The Holy Buddy CD cover

Celebrating a quarter century of proper songwriting and 20 years of recording, how and wherever I could, and with 15 releases to my credit, I figured I should clean out the shelves and dust off the chestnuts. These songs are the best of what’s left from Latrine Studios, my makeshift recording rig set up in various broom closets and bathrooms hidden from the administrators in Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, Queens Village NY.

Book of Dreams and roseangelsmiles are from an aborted 2000 collaborative CD produced as DSM5. Look for more from DSM5 on the 2012 official release Insanity Never Sounded So Good!

Down, Blue, That Girl, Mournful Thoughts, Man Without A Name, Once Upon A Time, Modern American, Tomorrow I’m The Sun and That Skin (And The Sin Within) are demos of songs recorded between 2001 and 2007 that never made it past the 4-track, followed by The Middle Class and Goin’ Deep, sung into my iPhone in 2017. These demos are brought to you in glorious mono!

Perspective, Within A Crystal Glass and I Was Trash When You Met Me are from an aborted project where my partner in art crime and love Susan Spangenberg and I banged out a batch of punk/pop confections comprised of teenage poetry and raw asylum angst in one weekend in 2011, intended to be released as fictional hipster duo Luscious & Brown. The songs Whenever, Exploitation and Second Best made it out if those sessions first, appearing on the 2017 release Pop Brut.

Dead Man’s Son, Brooklyn Love, Feel Him in Your Heart, Fall Back and The Dream Team are fully realized lost gems from 2013, 2 of which co-written with lost friends in happier days.

So here for you now, from your holy buddy, are 21 more reasons to live. I’m glad these finally get to be heard, now listen…THE HOLY BUDDY COLLECTION

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As a special treat here’s a video directed by acclaimed filmmaker Michael Gitlin of a song by occasional collaborator Stephen Spagnoli and his Sugarbombs. Try to spot the artist…(hint: he’s the one doing the Ringo impression)