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 Great deals to be had on a 25 year body of work by artist, author, musician and filmmaker Issa Ibrahim dubbed SUPERATI- vt Italian: overtake, get over, overcome, go over, get through, surmount, surpass, exceed, out do, outmatch, outstrip, overrun.

In Issa Ibrahim’s paintings vibrant color schemes, provocative reds, brilliant light blues, piercing lime greens, thick yellows, and fiery oranges only intensify the urgency of the story barely contained by the canvas. Profoundly critical of the cultural charade, institutional corruption, the political theatre, Ibrahim’s shifting technique from traditional brush-work of a Norman Rockwell to the exacting graphic language of a Jack Kirby or a Jim Steranko allow him extensive variations of pictorial narration and a conceptual approach. Ibrahim wants to disturb his viewer, shake him and awake him to the bleak reality.

A penetrating perception exerts control in Ibrahim’s paintings, incorporating horror, humor, allocating detail where it can shock from the hip. Almost all paintings are bursting with complex narratives, meanings and multilayered commentaries, drawing the curtain from the abyss of the unconscious or at times just the frivolity of populist travesty. In their cultural and political echo we experience the pressing issues of the social and political history as well as the here and now and their impact on the individual person.

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